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We can clean your roof safely and produce long-lasting results.

You may not think about what your home’s exterior looks like from the street too often, but if your roof is visibly dirty, you’ll probably think about it more often than usual. A dirty roof is unpleasant to look at, but depending on which contaminants are present and how dark they are, you might also have to deal with damage and lower energy efficiency. Fortunately, professional roof cleaning can offer your roof a ton of benefits, and we are here to provide it for you at Tiki’s SoftWash.

Roof Cleaning in Chino Hills, California

We can clean your roof safely and produce long-lasting results by using a method called soft washing. Soft washing is incredibly gentle on your roofing materials because it doesn’t require high pressure like other methods. Instead, it uses cleaning solutions that target damaging organics that may be growing on your roof. By killing these organics, this roof cleaning method significantly delays their regrowth. The results typically last five to seven years, which is four to six times longer than the results of other methods.

Roof cleaning will boost your curb appeal while protecting your roof from deterioration. It’s also great for homeowners who are environmentally conscious. Eliminating dark organics on your roof minimizes sunlight absorption and can help reduce your need for air conditioning. Soft washing also uses less water than other methods during the cleaning process, so you can help to conserve this resource when you opt for this method.

If you need roof cleaning, we are the team for you. Contact us today for a free consultation for your Chino Hills, California home.

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