Five Times to Schedule Exterior House Washing [infographic]

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Scheduling exterior house washing services at the right times helps you maintain your home’s appearance and prevent unnecessary wear and tear, but how do you know when it’s the right time to make an appointment? At Tiki’s SoftWash, we understand that there are a variety of situations that might call for expert exterior house washing, and we’ll be there to assist through them all. Here are five situations when you might want to consider scheduling exterior house washing services with our team.

Five Times to Schedule Exterior House Washing

  1. Before a Special Occasion. If you’re planning on hosting a big gathering at your home, scheduling an exterior house washing ensures that things look inviting and tidy when your guests arrive.
  2. After Construction or Renovations. Any kind of construction work is bound to produce plenty of dust and grime, but exterior house washing ensures you’re ready to show off those new additions or home features.
  3. Before Painting or Staining. It would be a shame to spend money on having someone paint or stain your siding, porch, or deck only to have it turn out poorly because the surface was covered in grime. Professional washing ensures that the paint or stain has a clean surface to adhere to, helping the color go on smoothly.
  4. When You Plan to List Your Home. A dirty, dingy exterior can scare off prospective buyers. Adding a professional exterior washing to your pre-listing to-do list is a great way to secure interest and increase the odds of a successful sale.
  5. As Part of Routine Maintenance. The truth is that there doesn’t have to be a special circumstance to merit exterior house washing. Adding this service to your regular home maintenance plan helps keep your exterior surfaces in good condition, boost curb appeal, and even improve energy efficiency.