Learn More About the Equipment Our Soft Wash Company Uses

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When you hire us to soft wash your home, we’ll come ready to do the job in one of our specially outfitted trucks. Our soft wash company has several of these trucks, and they all include several key pieces of equipment to get the great exterior cleaning results we’re known for.

On each of our soft washing trucks, we have the following pieces of equipment mounted on the back:

  • A very important piece of equipment is our 6X Blend module that allows us to blend water-based, biodegradable chemicals needed to emulsify dirt and grime. These chemicals are what do the heavy lifting when it comes to killing, cleaning, and sanitizing the gunk on your home’s surfaces without the potential damage of pressure washing.
  • Another important piece of equipment is our Rinse module. This allows us to rinse with approximately the same pressure as your garden hose, keeping your property safe from damage. It also allows us to apply our Plant Wash solution, which keeps all your plant life safe. Our Rinse module is a key component in the success of a safe and efficient service.
  • Though we specialize in soft washing, we do have a pressure washer mounted on our truck. A pressure washer is a key piece of equipment in many surface cleaning applications. Sometimes you need that sledgehammer to get the job done. This is the only gas-powered piece of equipment on our truck. We will usually pull out this tool when we need to take care of those tuff and stubborn stains.
  • And finally, “COMING SOON!” We look forward to mounting SoftWash Systems’ Shadow 80 Pure Water Module. When windows dry with spots, it is because the water has not been filtered and leaves behind minerals on the glass. The spots that you are seeing are simply dried mineral buildup. The Pure Water Module removes the minerals by filtering them out, resulting in water that is 99% pure.