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Our technicians use a safe, effective method to perform solar panel cleaning.

When you invest in solar energy at your Rancho Cucamonga, California home, you can enjoy a number of benefits. Deciding to go green benefits the environment, while solar panels can help reduce your energy bills every month. During the installation process, a technician places the panels on your roof, where they point upward to collect the sun’s UV rays. This placement provides access to sunlight, which is an essential aspect of a functional solar energy system. But it also exposes the panels to various contaminants, including bird droppings, dirt, and more.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga, California

When dirt and grime build up on the panels, production rates may decline, causing your energy costs to go up. But even a heavy rainstorm likely won’t be enough to clean the panels completely, which is why solar panel cleaning is so important. The sensitive components found on these panels require special care. At Tiki’s SoftWash, we offer professional solar panel cleaning services to local clients. We can help care for these vital components of your system to ensure maximum production and longevity.

Our technicians use a safe, effective method to perform solar panel cleaning. Using an industry-specific rotating brush and deionized water, we can remove organics, bird droppings, and dirt and grime buildup. And using our drone, we will take before-and-after photos so that you can see the difference for yourself.

If the time has come for you to schedule solar panel cleaning, we are the professionals you can trust to complete this task safely. We can also provide you with our recommended solar panel cleaning schedule. Contact us today to learn more.

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