Avoid These Four Common Roof Cleaning Mistakes

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Avoid These Four Common Roof Cleaning MistakesRoof cleaning is one way to ensure your roof reaches (or even surpasses) its expected lifespan. However, some cleaning measures may do more harm than good, regardless of their noble intentions. It’s important to keep such mistakes in mind so that you’re clear on the kind of treatment your roof deserves.

Here are four of the most common roof cleaning mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Using Abrasive Cleaning Products. One common roof cleaning misconception is that stubborn stains require tough cleaning solutions. On the contrary, abrasive detergents and cleaning agents can strip off the protective coating of shingles and tiles, exposing them to discoloration, corrosion, and deterioration.
  2. Ignoring Other Roof Components. Your roof includes more than just the roofing material; other components like gutters are just as essential to its functionality. For instance, dirty gutters can lead to water backlog issues that may soften your shingles or induce rot in the wooden parts of your roof structure.
  3. Treading Carelessly. Roof cleaning is a delicate task that requires the utmost care. Careless walking across your roof during the process can lead to cracked tiles or shingles, exposing it to moisture that eventually results in water damage.
  4. Pressure Washing. While pressure washing is an effective method for cleaning durable surfaces like concrete, it does not fare as well on roofs. High-pressure water jets can compromise your roof’s structural integrity by removing the granular coating of tiles and shingles. This inevitably lowers your roof’s lifespan and may even void its warranty.

Avoid these missteps by hiring a SoftWash Systems Certified roof cleaning company today. At Tiki’s SoftWash, we employ a special soft washing technique that’s eco-friendly and safe for your roof. We also take great care to ensure your roof gets the best treatment possible.