Soft Washing: The Smarter Way to Clean Your Home’s Exterior

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If the exterior of your home has begun to look a little dirty, you may have been toying with the idea that a top-to-bottom cleaning is in order. Once the idea has entered your mind, your best course of action is to get the task done as soon as possible. You have two main options for cleaning the exterior of your home: pressure washing or soft washing. However, soft washing has a few added benefits that make it a better choice.

Soft Washing: The Smarter Way to Clean Your Home’s Exterior

Soft washing is a technique that provides you all the benefits of pressure washing without the wear and tear on your home. Soft washing uses specialized cleaning solutions along with a low-pressure spray to wash all the dirt and grime away.  Some of the top benefits of soft washing include:

  • Uses a low-pressure spray. A low-pressure spray means that the process won’t damage your home. Soft washing cleans smarter, not harder.
  • Specialized Cleaning Solution. Our cleaning solution is tailored to remove dirt, mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, and other substances. You can have confidence that soft washing will provide a thorough cleaning and prevent the regrowth of those substances.
  • Better for Asphalt Roofs. Soft washing is gentle yet effective, which means it is the better choice for asphalt roofs that can be somewhat more delicate. Choosing soft washing allows you to know your roof is clean and secure.

When you’re ready to schedule soft washing for your home, we’ll help you to achieve the results you desire. Call us at Tiki’s SoftWash today. We’re committed to providing you with high-quality services.